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Narrow Band Pass Interference Filters

Bodian has an advanced automatic coating machine, which adopts ion-assisted coating technology to ensure that the filter has the characteristics of low temperature drift, firm film layer and good environmental stability. The wavelength range of narrow-band filters covers the ultraviolet to infrared band, and the bandwidth can be customized according to customer requirements. After years of accumulation, we has a rich inventory of narrow-band filters, in particular, the dieletric film narrowband filters not only have wide variety, but also have high transmittance, high cut-off depth, anti-diffuse light interference, and high wavelength accuracy. , accurate positioning; all narrowband filter products come with spectral test curves and key characteristic data.

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Narrowband filters can selectively pass a specific wavelength of light. The narrow-band filter is subdivided from the band-pass filter, the definition is the same as that of the band-pass filter, the filter allows the optical signal to pass in a specific wavelength band, and deviates from the two wavelengths outside this band. The side light signal is blocked, and the passband of the narrowband filter is relatively narrow, generally less than 5% of the central wavelength value. The main technical parameters of narrow-band filters include center wavelength, half bandwidth, cut-off range and cut-off depth.

Product Specifications

The narrow-band filters produced by Bodian use corresponding appropriate process parameters in different wavelength ranges. In the ultraviolet wavelength region, the induced transmission filter process is usually used to make narrow-band filters; in the visible and near-infrared wavelengths, ion-assisted filters are used. The narrow-band filter is made by the coating process; the narrow-band filter is made by the thermal evaporation process in the mid-far infrared wavelength region. Please specify the required narrowband filter product specifications when selecting. The narrow-band filters provided by Bodian usually use D263T or fused silica as the base material. Specifications such as size and thickness can be adjusted according to user needs.

Application areas

Narrow-band filters are used in biochemical analyzers, microplate readers, fluorescence analyzers, cable TV upgrade equipment, wireless transmission equipment, mobile phone barcode scanning, infrared electronic whiteboards, infrared cameras, infrared touch screens, iris recognition, infrared medical instruments, infrared ink recognition, Red film recognition, face recognition sensor system. Handheld infrared laser rangefinders, laser rangefinders, optical instruments, medical and health equipment and testing instruments have a wide range of applications.

Process IAD Hard Coating
Wavelength Range 200~2300nm
CWL 220, 254,275, 280, 340, 365, 405, 450, 492, 546, 578, 630, 808, 850, 1064, 1572, etc.Refer to Appendix
T peak 15%~90%
Blocking OD4~OD6@200~1200nm
Dimension Φ10, Φ12, Φ12,7, Φ15,Φ25, Φ50, etc.
Application Biochemical Analyzer, Fluorescence Analyzer
Laser system and other optical systems



Dielectric Narrow Band Pass Interference Filters


Induced Narrow Band Pass Interference Filters

UV Induced Narrow Band Pass Interference Filters

UV Induced Narrow Band Pass Interference Filters

UV Induced Narrow Band Pass Interference Filters

UV Induced Narrow Band Pass Interference Filters

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