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IPL Beauty Machine Interference Filters

The beauty instrument filter produced and developed by Bodian adopts imported RF ion source technology. It has high density, high light resistance, deep cut-off, high transmission, fast suppression, and stable central wavelength. Based on our extensive experience of medical IPL beauty industry for many years, we provide you with comprehensive coverage of medical beauty filter solutions, with a complete range of products, which can be customized and processed as required.

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Product Overview

The beauty device filter is the essential optical component of the beauty device. It can filter harmful light such as blue ray and red light and protect the skin from damage.

The specific functions of the beauty filter are as follows:

1. Filter blue light: blue light is one of the main factors that cause skin aging. The wavelength of blue ray is between 380 and 420 nm, which is much shorter than ultraviolet rays, so it is easier to penetrate the human skin and reach the dermis; and because of its low energy, it is not easy to be detected, so the damage to the skin is greater. .

2. infrared rays can penetrate the deeper layer of human boday and subcutaneous tissue. our face is just within this range - there is an infrared reflection area at a distance of about 0.75mm between the facial epidermis and the dermis; when these areas are irradiated, it will cause telangiectasia and accelerated blood circulation. .

3. Isolate UV rays: UV rays can reach the dermis layer of the skin and damage collagen fibers and elastic fibers, making the skin loose and inelastic, dry, rough and wrinkled.

Product Specifications

Process: Ion Assisted Dura

Working band: 300~1200nm

Wavelength range (nm): LP430, 480, 510, 530, 560, 590, 610, 640, 695, 750, etc.

Average transmittance: ≥90%

Cut-off band transmittance: ≤0.5%

Substrate: BK7, K9, Sapphire, Fused Silicon,

Dimensions (mm): 30*12*5, 40*10*8, 40*30*10, 42*15*12, 40*15*8, 55*50*15, 68*12*1, 68*15 *1, etc.

Application areas

Mainly used in photon skin rejuvenation instrument, infrared therapy instrument, hair removal machine, eyebrow washing machine, etc.


IAD Hard Coating



Wavelength Range

LP430,480,510, 530,560,590,610,640,695,750,etc.

T avg.





BK7,K9, Sapphire, Fused Silicon,


30*12*5,  40*10*8,  40*30*10,  42*15*12,  40*15*8

55*50*15,  68*12*1,  68*15*1. etc



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