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Fluorescence Interference Filters

Beijing Bodian Optical Tech. Co., Ltd.,is a high-tech enterprise located in Beijing Economic Development Zone. The company focuses on the research and production of various precision optical filters, with a good production environment, advanced production and testing equipment.

After the emergence of 2019-COVID, our company actively invested in research and development, and developed the core optical component of the PCR quantitative detection equipment , which used for the detection of the new coronavirus . This series of filters has high transmittance and the high noise background (above OD6). The excitation and emission filters are highly isolated from each other. They are suitable for the extraction and analysis of various detection reagent markers and effectively improve the accuracy of detection signals.

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Fluorescence filter is a key component used in biomedical and life science instruments. Its main function is to separate and select the characteristic wavelength spectrum from the excitation light and emission fluorescence of the substance in the biomedical fluorescence inspection and analysis system. Fluorescence filters are typically characterized by a deep cut-off depth and low autofluorescence. Usually, multiple filters can be glued together to form a fluorescence filter, which has a high cost performance.

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Application Field

Fluorescence filter is used in real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument . which is widely used in molecular biology and food safety detection and public health epidemic monitoring and other industries.
Fluorescence filter is used for detecting a variety of dyes and probes,for example:
FAM/SYBR Green/ Green/ HEX/TET/Cy3/JOE/ ROX/Cy3.5/Texas Red,Cy5/LC Red640,Cy5.5 etc


 (IAD Hard Coating)


Ex(nm) Em(nm) Cross

470-30 525-20 >6

523-20 564-20 >6

543-20 584-20 >6

571-20 612-20 >6

628-35 692-45 >6


OD>6@200~900nm  or  @200~1200nm


50 %~ OD5  <10nm




Φ4mm, Φ12mm,Φ12.7mm,Φ25.4mm etc


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Production Proces

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