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Beijing Bodian Optical Tech. Co., Ltd. Was founded in the beginning of 2001. Our company subjects to Optical Coating Center of Beijing Institute of Film Machine. The company has a strong technical group and rich experience over 40 years. There are advanced automatically operated coaters (Optorun OTFC 1300 and Leybold Syrus 1350), high performance spectrophotometer (cary 5000 and Cary 7000).
Our production: narrow band pass interference filters, fluorescence system filters, high reflection filters, beam splitting filters, color splitting filters, IR sensor interference filters, UV mirrors, neutral density filters and special filters which used in aerospace and military project.
Our productions achieved ISO 9001. We offer sincerely service to customers all over the world.

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  • Multi-band police light source system

    Multi-band police light source system

    Basic structure and principle of multi-band light source Application principle of multi-band light source Forensic Multiband Light Source Filters Process (IAD Hard Coating) Substrate Pyrex,  Fused silicon FWHM 30±5nm CWL(nm) 365, 415, 450, 470, 490, 505, CSS510, 530, 555, 570, 590, 610 T avg. >80% Slope 50%~OD5 < 10nm Blocking OD=5-6@200-800nm  Dimension(mm) Φ15, Φ21.2, Φ25, Φ55, etc. Production Proces

  • Neutral Density Sheet

    Neutral Density Sheet

    Product overview Product Specifications Wavelength 200-1000nm ND 0.1~4, etc. Size Customized according to customer needs Application areas Mainly used in ultraviolet measuring instruments, various lasers, optical digital cameras, video cameras, security monitoring, various optical instruments and equipment, optical communication attenuation filters, optical imaging systems, smoke meters, optical measuring instruments, near-infrared spectrometers, biochemical analysis...

  • Narrow Band Pass Interference Filters

    Narrow Band Pass Interference Filters

    Product overview Narrowband filters can selectively pass a specific wavelength of light. The narrow-band filter is subdivided from the band-pass filter, the definition is the same as that of the band-pass filter, the filter allows the optical signal to pass in a specific wavelength band, and deviates from the two wavelengths outside this band. The side light signal is blocked, and the passband of the narrowband filter is relatively narrow, generally less than 5% of the central wavelength...

  • CCD Gel Image System Interference Filters

    CCD Gel Image System Interference Filters

    Product description Gel imaging system imager is one of the very fast-growing technologies in the field of life sciences. With the development of various microscopy techniques and confocal techniques, the observation of deep tissue activities can be realized. The imager of the gel imaging system is constantly developing as a necessary instrument in the laboratory. The gel imager is mainly composed of optical components such as filters, lenses or light sources. The special filter for CCD ...

  • Short Pass Interference Filters

    Short Pass Interference Filters

    Product Overview The short-wave pass filter is a cut-off filter in the interference filter. The cut-off filter is divided into a long-wave pass filter and a short-wave pass filter, that is, the light beam in a certain wavelength range is required to transmit and deviate from this. The wavelength of the beam changes to cut-off. Generally, we call the filter that reflects (cut-off) the short-wave region and transmits the long-wave region a long-wave pass filter. On the contrary, the short-...

  • IPL Beauty Machine Interference Filters

    IPL Beauty Machine Interference Filters

    Product Overview The beauty device filter is the essential optical component of the beauty device. It can filter harmful light such as blue ray and red light and protect the skin from damage. The specific functions of the beauty filter are as follows: 1. Filter blue light: blue light is one of the main factors that cause skin aging. The wavelength of blue ray is between 380 and 420 nm, which is much shorter than ultraviolet rays, so it is easier to penetrate the human skin and reach the ...

  • Beam Mirror

    Beam Mirror

    Product Overview A beam combiner is a semi-transmissive mirror that combines two (or more) wavelengths of light into a single optical path through transmission and reflection, respectively. The beam combiner usually transmits infrared light and reflects visible light (beam combiners are used when the infrared CO2 high-power laser uses a helium-neon visible diode laser to straighten the light path). Product Specifications 1. Short-wave pass beam combiner (45 degrees): T>97%@960-98...

  • Fluorescence Interference Filters

    Fluorescence Interference Filters

    Product Overview Fluorescence filter is a key component used in biomedical and life science instruments. Its main function is to separate and select the characteristic wavelength spectrum from the excitation light and emission fluorescence of the substance in the biomedical fluorescence inspection and analysis system. Fluorescence filters are typically characterized by a deep cut-off depth and low autofluorescence. Usually, multiple filters can be glued together to form a fluorescence fi...