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Neutral Density Sheet

The Neutral Density Filter is a high transmittance, low dispersion glass made from a soda lime silicate material. The neutral density filter produced and developed by Beijing Jingyi Bo Electro-Optical Technology Co., Ltd. has the characteristics of high transmission efficiency, wide range of low-color applications, etc., and this material also has good nonlinear properties – when Its refractive index and scattering coefficient increase when the temperature increases; in addition, there is a higher dielectric constant and a lower dielectric loss factor. These factors combine to make the material’s nonlinear properties outstanding. The commonly used types of neutral density filters are double-layer double-silver hollow fiber filters with single-sided silver plating, double-sided double-silver filters with hollow fiber and aluminum foil, and double-sided gold-plated hollow fiber filters.

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The neutral density filter is a kind of optical attenuator, which can attenuate the light intensity. After the light from the visible light region to the near-infrared light region passes through the neutral density filter, different wavelengths are attenuated in the same proportion, so that the optical element is attenuated in the same proportion. The transmittance of light energy is kept approximately equal in the broad band. Also known as neutral density filter, neutral filter, ND filter, attenuation filter, fixed density filter, etc. Neutral density filters are designed to uniformly reduce transmission over a specific part of the spectrum, and come in two main types, reflective and absorbing. Reflective ND filters consist of thin-film optical coatings, usually metallic, that have been applied to glass substrates. The coating can be optimized for specific wavelength ranges. Thin-film coatings primarily reflect light back to the source. Care needs to be taken to ensure that reflected light does not interfere with the system setup. Absorptive ND filters utilize a glass substrate to absorb a specific percentage of light.

Product Specifications

Wavelength 200-1000nm
ND 0.1~4, etc.
Size Customized according to customer needs

Application areas

Mainly used in ultraviolet measuring instruments, various lasers, optical digital cameras, video cameras, security monitoring, various optical instruments and equipment, optical communication attenuation filters, optical imaging systems, smoke meters, optical measuring instruments, near-infrared spectrometers, biochemical analysis equipment, etc.



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