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Solar Simulator Interference Filters

With the wide application of solar simulation technology in different fields, solar simulator filters are bound to develop rapidly. At present, the cost of optical filters produced by many foreign manufacturers is too high, and the unit price is basically around 1,000 US dollars. The quality of optical filters directly determines the performance of simulated sunlight. Some manufacturers use a piece of insulating glass instead of a filter, and the performance obtained is far from the standard value. This kind of filter must be realized by coating in order to have a better effect. The solar simulator filter produced and developed by Beijing Jingyi Bodian Optical Technology Co., Ltd. is low in cost. The filter has high temperature resistance, high spectral matching, and adopts multi-layer hard film ion-assisted deposition technology. Nanomaterials are evaporated in high vacuum. The film layer has good compactness, and has reached the international advanced level after direct testing by many manufacturers, and has been successfully applied to various solar simulators. The company adheres to the principle of “integrity-based, technological innovation, and customer first” to serve customers at home and abroad wholeheartedly. Solar simulator filters can be customized according to the products provided by customers.

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Product overview

The solar simulation filter is to adjust the spectral energy of different bands through the filter, so that the integrated intensity distribution of the corresponding band reaches the standard value. It can meet the needs of all customers to build an environment that requires sunlight to illuminate under indoor conditions.

Product Specifications

Solar simulator filters can be customized according to the requirement of customers.

Process: Ion-assisted dura mater.

Wavelength range: 300~1200nm

Matching characteristics: 5A class

Application areas

Widely used in simulated sunlight detection, indoor animal breeding sunlight simulation light source, photovoltaic equipment application, laboratory solar light source simulation and other fields.



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