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Beam Mirror

The beam combiner produced and developed by Beijing Jingyi Bodian Optical Technology Co., Ltd. is made of zinc selenide, zinc selenide or germanium and coated with an optimized thin film. Its function is to transmit and reflect light of two wavelengths respectively. combined into one optical path. The beam combiner transmits light of one wavelength and reflects light of another wavelength (usually visible light) at the same time. It can combine two beams (or multiple beams) of light of different wavelengths, and use one of the beams of reflected visible light to calibrate The other invisible light beam combiner usually transmits infrared light and reflects visible light. It is widely used in various laser industries. Generally, it combines the processing laser and the wavelength light used for imaging or indication into one beam and the working position. It is designed to transmit part of the wavelengths of different bands and reflect part of them. Jingyi Bodian can provide customized product size, transmission wavelength, reflection wavelength and incident angle and other services.

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A beam combiner is a semi-transmissive mirror that combines two (or more) wavelengths of light into a single optical path through transmission and reflection, respectively. The beam combiner usually transmits infrared light and reflects visible light (beam combiners are used when the infrared CO2 high-power laser uses a helium-neon visible diode laser to straighten the light path).

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Product Specifications

1. Short-wave pass beam combiner (45 degrees): T>97%@960-980nm/R>97%@1020-1040nm

2. Long-pass beam combiner (45 degrees): R>95%@1041nm/T>95%@1065nm

Application areas

laser cutting, laser welding, laser cladding and laser medical treatment and other fields.

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