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Short Pass Interference Filters

The short-wave pass filter means that in a specific wavelength range, the short-wave direction is transmitted, while the long-wave direction is cut off, which plays the role of isolating the long wave and passing the short wave. Compared with the traditional colored optical glass filter, the short-wave pass filter produced and developed by Bodian has the advantages of wide cut-off bandwidth, deep cut-off depth, high conversion steepness, high transmittance, high pass rate, and the highest Up to 95%, high cutoff depth, up to OD4, and wide spectral cutoff range. We not only provide a large number of standard filter products in stock, but also can customize filters for your needs.

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The short-wave pass filter is a cut-off filter in the interference filter. The cut-off filter is divided into a long-wave pass filter and a short-wave pass filter, that is, the light beam in a certain wavelength range is required to transmit and deviate from this. The wavelength of the beam changes to cut-off. Generally, we call the filter that reflects (cut-off) the short-wave region and transmits the long-wave region a long-wave pass filter. On the contrary, the short-wave direction is transmitted, while the long-wave direction is cut off, which is used for isolation. The function of long wave is called short wave pass filter

Product Specifications

Process: Ion Assisted Dura

Wavelength: SP450, 495, 540, 650, 720, 855, 920, etc.

Average transmittance: >90%

Steepness: 90%~10%<10nm

Cutoff depth: OD>4

Application areas

Widely used in optical experiments, spectral measurement, industrial measurement, medical analysis, biochemical testing, scientific instruments and other fields.


(IAD Hard Coating)


SP450, 495,540, 650, 720, 855, 920,etc.

T avg.








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